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West Winds Farm

"Dances of the Continents "
Dedicated to "Montana"

Do Horses Dance? from Sylva Johnson on Vimeo.

"This second bi-annual event was comprised of a team of nine hroses and riders (and a whole lot of volunteers!). In groups of two to six riders, we performed six choreographed pieces to music from around the world. In addition to the main horse-riding event, 28 artists donated work in a variety of mediums for a fantastic art show and sale. We also had a large selection of raffle items donated by local businesses. Delicious food and drink was served at both events, some of which was generously donated from local purveyors.

We had a sold-out show of over 100 adults and children for our Sunday matinee and about 80 people for the Saturday night "Black Tie and Blue Jeans" performance. Other than the fact that everyone thoroughly enjoyed the show, the really great news is that we doubled our fund raising efforts from our premier event in 2007, netting over $4,200 that was evenly distributed between the two chosen charities.

The West Winds Equine Dance Company would like to extend our appreciation for your support, which helped make our 2009 Dances of the Continents benefit a huge success. On behalf of the team, thank you again for your participation."


September 12 - "Black Tie and Blue Jeans"

Art sale and Dancing Horse Performance with hors d'oeuvres, drinks, raffles, and loads of entertainment.. More...


September 13- Matinee Showing of "Dance of the Continents"

This is a fun-filled matinee performance for the whole family. With BBQ snacks, an art auction, dancing horses, and a special intermission performance. More...


Fistula Foundation

The Fistula Foundation

Healing women, restoring dignity, and transforing lives, the Fistula Foundation is deditacted to the treatment and prevention of fistula. Fistula is caused by obstructed labor and improper medical care during labor and affects millions of impoverished women around the world.

Colorado Theraputic Riding Center

Colorado Therapeutic Riding Center

CTRC, located in Longmont, CO has been devoted since 1980 to serving children and adults with disabilities. As the oldest and largest therapeutic riding center in Colorado, CTRC serves over 700 riders and has an impressive workforce of over 1,000 volunteers each year.

Colorado Horse Rescue

Colorado Horse Rescue

CHR is a non-profit organization dedicated to providing shelter, emergency relief care, rehabilitation and adoption services for abused, abandoned, neglected and unwanted horses.

Central Asia Institute

Central Asia Insitute

CAI is a non-profit organization that promotes and provides community-based education and literacy programs, especially for girls, in remote regions of Central Asia.


    $5 tickets or 5 for $20

      • 2 Nights at the Pines Lodge in Beaver Creek
      • $100 Gift Certificate to Sunflower Market
      • 1 Night Stay at the Hotel Boulderado - $275 value
      • Women's Sweater Top from Fox Creek - $90 value
      • Equine Touch Rolfing Session for rider - $100 value
      • Equine Touch Bodywork Session for horse - $80 value
      • Boulder Creek Winery Magnum Cabernet Sauvignon (signed by the riders)

      $2 tickets or 6 for $10

      • Brunch for two at the Greenbriar Inn - $68 value
      • Basket of hair goodies from Sarah Reidy Bloom Salon - $60 value
      • Laurie Prindle print - $45 value
      • Women's top from Fox Creek - $40 value
      • Jacques Michelle Gift Certificate - $25 value
      • Sakura Japanese Restaurant Gift Certificate - $20 value
      • Sweat / Scraper grooming tools from Horse and Rider - $20 value
      • Frances Marino print - $25 value
      • 30 - minute music lesson for any instrument - $25 value


"Training in the classical tradition, is a conditnioning of horses to accept and follow our guidance, but doing so as much as humanly possible within the parameters of their nature. Accordingly, our work can only be considered good when it is certified by the horses themselves as being acceptable.

Horses demonstrate their approval by:

- The continued calmness, confidence, and eagerness of their mind and spirit
- The impulsive, balanced purity of the three natural gaits, further reflected by their bodies which grow deep, well-muscled and beautiful
- Their health, soundness, and longevity

To achieve any measure of equestrian integrity we must hold these simple points as inviolable beacons, the very lodestar for all our interactions with these magnificent creatures."

From A Horseman's Note
by Erik Herbermann


"DidjerEquine" - This song was composed especially for West Wind Farm's "Dances of the Continents" performance. Centered around the Australian Aboriginal instrument, the didgeridoo, the piece is in three movements, with tempos chosen specificially for the gates of the horses. The technique of circular breating, involved in playing the didj, helps to invoke the spirit of dreamtime. Bob is deeply honored to have people and horses dance to his music.

"Andean Attributes" - The Andean classic used in this equine dance is performed by Hirtzon Velasquez, an accomplished musician who handcrafted and played all of the ancient instruments that create the imaginative background for this piece.

"Mama Ararira" - The music for this performance comes from the soundtrack of the film, Hotel Rwanda,which depicts one of the most horrific events in recent history--genocide in the country of Rwanda. Hutu extremists initiated a terrifying campaign, massacring hundreds of thousands of minority Tutsis while the rest of the world did little. This haunting music is performed by Afro Celt Sound System and written by Dorothee Munyaneza.

"Spanish Serenade" - The music for this performance is Teimpo de Bolero, which is a composition for classical guitar and orchestra by the Spanish composer, Joaquin Rodrigo (1902 - 1999).

"Raga Riders" - Written by Ravi Shankar from his recording "Tana Mana." Ravi was born in 1920 and is an Indian classical musician and composer who plays the sitar. The group chose this music because of the wonderful rhythms that suit the trot as well as the walk found unusually in the same piece of music. The canter music at the end of the piece is by Chris Spheeris from his recording, "Culture." The recording is an energetic instrumental integration of musical motifs from different cultures.

"The Good, The Bad, and the Ugly" - The music used in this performance was written by award-winning Italian composer Ennio Morricone, well-known for his creation of many soundtracks for movie and television. The theme songs from The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly and For a Few Dollars More served as inspiration for this freewheeling spoof of the "spaghetti western."

  June Munger - June's art background includes a BFA from CU. A self-proclaimed "mixed mania" artist, June is crazy about many different art media. She is involved in a print exchange group by mail, soft sculptures (don't dare call it a doll!) and artist handmade books. She also likes writing limericks --- go figure!
Maria Neary Maria Neary - "I love art because I love doing it and it is what I have been doing for 40+ years." Maria's pieces are mixed-media/ acrylic paintings. Her latest art can be seen on her website.
Laurie Prindle Laurie Prindle -LLPrindle - Laurie's main focus is on her award-winning equine and wildlife fine art prints. Her work has been featured in local galleries and on several online galleries. Laurie also runs a full time graphic design and illustration studio in Berthoud, Colorado that specializes in the equine industry. More on Laurie and her work can be found on her website at
Sara Wolfe Sara Wolfe - Sara is a watercolor and mixed media painter, using gesso, wax, torn tissue, oil and soft pastels in addition to watercolor. She enjoys the way the watercolor reacts to the other materials that she uses and is drawn to the spiritual side of nature and the landscape. She works out of a small studio at home and has exhibited in the Boulder / Longmont area.
Teresa Smith Teresa Smith - Inspired by nature, Teresa Smith intuitively paints personal impressions of the natural world. Her goal is to emotionally touch others in a positive way through her art. She teaches and has exhibited widely, leading painting workshops both locally and abroad.
  Carol Walker - Carol's passion for photography began at an early age, when she took her first portrait of her parents at 4 years old. Pet photography was an early interest, with her dogs as favorite subjects while growing up. She studied photography at Smith College, ant continued studying in Southern California at UCLA's Extension program. More...
Diane Panetta Diane Panetta - At the age of 5 an innocent pony ride at her friend's birthday party ignited her evolving passion for horses. Since then Diane Panetta, has been working with, on and around horses in all areas including riding, photographing, instructing lessons, training, and currently working to help others, humans and horses, co-create desired partnerships by utilizing more effective communication skills. More...
Bev Harrison Bev Harrison - Beverly Harrison has a lifetime of experience working with horses, and
has owned her own tack shop, The Tack Collection in Lafayette, CO, for
the past 12 years. More...
  Cari Cook - Cari Cook’s business came about through her passion for horses, sewing and creating. She plays with everything from silk to leather as she cuts, sews, paints, stamps and embellishes. Learning something new with every project and trying new techniques is something Cari loves. Her business also includes horse blanket repair and bedsore socks for horses.
Barb Haynie Barb Haynie - Barb Haynie is a landscape designer/horticulturist with a degree in Fine Art from CSU. She has been involved with horses since the age of twelve. She lives on an acreage by the Poudre River in Fort Collins where she and her husband own a garden center.
Sophy Brown Sophy Brown - A caption from her biography: " I paint as a means of capturing and the blood and bone responses of the horse in images of speed, freedom, alarm, curiosity and exuberance. In the horse’s alertness and physicality I recognize our common nature and a manifestation of what in us is often hidden and complicated." More...
Dottie Oatman Dottie Oatman - Dottie Oatman is a Boulder watercolor artist who loves to “Push the
Color” creating vibrant and fresh paintings of landscapes, still-life, portraits, and Mexico inspired works. More...
  Taryn Sargent - Taryn received a BFA in painting from Kenyon College in Ohio, specializing in watercolor and the figure, although she also enjoys oil painting and pencil. Her subject matter often includes wildlife, horses and the landscape. She has exhibited both nationally and locally, and works primarily on commission.
  Erika Maiko Gibson - A second generation Japanese-American artist and sushi chef, Erika specializes in Japanese woodblock print originals and reproductions as well as custom art and Japanese modern art. More...
Patricia Chapman Patricia Chapman - Patricia is an assemblage and collage artists residing in Boulder, CO. She utilizes the synergistic power of words, images, and found objects rich with symbolism in her art to explore issues of life, love, and other human foibles.
Robin Grabowski Robin Grabowski - Robin is an artist working with glass and a fusion of mixed-media paintings. The glasswork is a culmination of 30+ years and new ideas are continually happening. More...
Frances Marino Frances Marino - Frances always loved art, dabbled in a few classes here and there, and was always at openings and galleries, so she decided to get busy and learn about five years ago. More...
  Paula Osborn - Paula Osborn began capturing nature images with pen and ink during her childhood. Years later she explored oils and photography and eventually fell in love with watercolors. More...
Bob Wiz Bob Wiz - Stemming from his love of music, Bob Wiz teaches, composes, plays, records, & produces. He is a multi-instrumentalist, with piano at the heart of his musical mandala. More...
  Laurie Sieren - Laurie has been working with beads, silver and copper, experimenting with various forms and techniques. Though her styles have changed dramatically, her relationship to the process remains ever deepened. More...
Barry Gillespie Barry Gillespie - Barry H. Gillespie moved to Boulder five years ago. Up until then his work had been purely abstract, but since moving it has become more and more realistic. He is currently working on a series of paintings of Boulder County architecture.
  Kate Wasson - Ceramics has been a passion of Kate's since college. She has worked in ceramics studios in Tonala, Mexico and Denver and has taken classes and workshops at CU Boulder, Boulder Pottery Lab and Arapahoe Community College. More...
  Rick Peacock - Rick is a Colorado native and has studied watercolor for five years. He strives to reflect the beauty of nature in his work. "I am enjoying my journey in art. Along the way my hope is to give pause and stir something in the viewer."
  Dorothy Hawley - Over the past several years, Dorothy Hawley has chronicled her travels through the eye of a camera. Her keen photographic eye captures the broad scope and the tiny detail of our natural world.
  Jacque Michelle - Expressing myself as an artist has been a life-long passion. As a child; playing the piano and anything that involved cut and paste, as a college student; discovering dance, and as an adult business woman; offering works of art as art cards and art prints through my store--Jacque Michelle--as a sustainable income. Matisse's statement, "some of us come into the world seeing color" has fueled my path. Bringing beauty, mystery and content into my landscapes is my joy and challenge.
  Katie Wells - Katie is one of the founding partners of Luminary Emporium in Louisville, which sells her own and other local artists' creations. Katie hand-makes purses out of unique fabrics. She also produces a delicious traditional Indian Masala Chai blend called "Chai Wallah Chai." Katie is also a practioner of Bowen, a gentle energy/bodywork.
  Kelly Frederick Mizer - Kelly's drawings, custom illustrations, greeting cards, invitations, gift-tags, and t-shirts focus on imagery inspired by family, anticipation, and wishing. She is also the author of three books. Her work can be found at Luminary Emporium,
  Darcie Carr - Darcie finds her inspiration from moments captured in nature and interaction with animals. Her intention is to invoke a mood or emotion in the viewer and to expose the dignity of life's simplicities.
  Maria Wasson - Maria Wasson is the catalyst for this event. “More than ten years ago, I had a dream to form an equestrian dance company. More...
  Sara Wolfe - When Sara Wolfe was younger, her favorite horses to draw in her "secret" notebook were drafts, arabians, and thoroughbreds. Now, she's found all three in Zephyr. More...
  Marjanna Helwig - All that Jaz is a 9 yr old thoroughbred and descendant of the famous Seattle Slew. Together, Marjanna and Jaz enjoy trail riding, training and an occasional competition in the sport of eventing. More...
  Shelley Smagac - Shelley started her lifelong association with horses at a young age, working daily at stables in New York in exchange for "free" weekly riding lessons. She has always incorporated horses in her life and now events on her Thoroughbred mare, Melody. More...
  Jen Huff - Jen has been riding to "clear her mind" since early infancy. If she weren't on a horse, she'd be on a therapist's couch. Jen borrowed her kids' 7 year old Quarter Horse / Paint pony "Gizmo" to ride in the performance. More...
  Courtney Williams -Courtney's passion for horses and dance are both fulfilled by riding with the West Winds Farm Equine Dance Company.  Away from the barn, Courtney takes care of her 3 and 6 year olds full time.. More...
  Claudia Barkmeier - Riding is the best anti-aging serum that Claudia has been able to find. She rides because when you are training your horse, you can't be thinking about anything else. More...
  Cathy Whitlatch - Cathy grew up riding in the foothills of Northern California, but her passion for horses has taken her to Boston, Ireland, and now Colorado; horses are continuously proving to to be a lifetime source of dreams, ambitions, and mental clarity! More...
  Tess Meyer - Tess was born and raised in Boulder, and began riding with Maria Wasson
when she was five years old. More...

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